The LtN Alumni Association is a network of past volunteers, team trip members, interns and staff that strive to strengthen the ties between alumni and LtN.


Meet the alumni association Board

  • Ellen Cohn – former LtN Executive Director, 2 years. MBA Candidate at Kellogg School of Business.

  • Caroline Kirkendoll – Program Director, Costa Rica, 3 years. Graduate student at Georgetown University

  • Samuel Steinman – Program Coordinator, Costa Rica, 6 months. Law student at Cornell University

  • Adam Fishman – Program Coordinator, Costa Rica, 3 months. Senior at Dartmouth College

  • Story Viebranz – Program Coordinator, Costa Rica, 6 months. Junior at University of Virginia

  • Carrie Sparkes – Program Director, Nicaragua and Trip Coordinator. Middle School Teacher in Boston.

  • Augie O’Hern – Short-term volunteer, Nicaragua. Graduate University of Virginia.

Interested in joining the LtN alumni association Board?

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Meet the alumni