Lacrosse the Nations is a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization that unifies the lacrosse community to
sustainably improve education and health while creating joy and opportunity for children in need.


Who started Lacrosse the Nations?

Brett Hughes and Brad Corrigan founded Lacrosse the Nations in 2009.  Brett is a former All-American, Team USA and MLL player from the University of Virginia.  He played 6 years in the MLL.  Brad is a musician with the internationally renowned band, Dispatch, and played lacrosse at Middlebury College.


Who runs Lacrosse the Nations?

LtN is run by our U.S. based staff, Javier Silva and Brooke Wilson. Javier is LtN's Executive Director, responsible for fundraising, international and domestic programming, and operations. Brooke is LtN's Communications and Development Director, responsible for all things related to communications, marketing, and team partnerships. The Board of Directors, along with LtN's field staff, provide leadership and execute the mission and vision of LtN.


What are the programs of Lacrosse the Nations?

In Nicaragua, Lacrosse the Nations runs three after-school lacrosse programs in Managua with tutoring and study hall included: one co-ed program at Club Hope, one co-ed program at Chiquilistagua Public School, and one all-girls program at Chiquilistagua Public School.

In Panama, Lacrosse the Nations is in piloting phase of programs in Bocas del Toro. We currently pilot two co-ed programs on the island of Bocas and the island of Bastimentos.

Domestically we run seasonal lacrosse programs in Charlottesville, Virginia in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Cherry Ave.

We believe that education is essential to rise out of poverty, so our lacrosse programs are set up with schools and after-school programs to foster enrollment and attendance. These partnerships provide the necessary infrastructure to provide the practices which incorporate our Life Skill Curriculum.


How do we measure success?

There is an old adage in humanitarian work that goes, “What counts can’t always be counted.”  Nevertheless, we strongly feel measurement tools are essential to understand and report the impact of our programs. Our coaches track student-athlete attendance in all of our programs and LtN creates qualitative reports regarding improvements in student-athletes’ academic performance, understanding of the Life Skills Curriculum, and behavior relating to areas of communication, teamwork, commitment, respect and more taught throughout the year.


How many students participate in our lacrosse programs?

  • Club Hope: 40+ students ages 10 and over through before and after school lacrosse programs

  • Chiquilistagua: 800+ students in grades 2-11 through in-school PE and after school lacrosse

  • Charlottesville, Virginia: 40+ summer campers, and 30+ summer league participants

  • Panama: Currently piloting programs in two schools and two community centers in Bocas del Toro


What incentives are designed to increase enrollment, attendance, and graduation rates?

Lacrosse is offered as both an in-school PE program and an after-school sports activity.  During the after school sessions, we invite children who do not attend school to play lacrosse, and we then invite them to attend school classes and to become a member of one of the school lacrosse teams.  We also take monthly field trips to a sports complex located just outside of Managua.  The combination of school, lacrosse and field trips is an incentive to enroll in and attend school consistently.  In addition, LtN helps funds school nutrition programs to provide nutritious supplements to breakfast and mid-day meals.


What kind of nutrition program is LtN providing?

LtN supplements the feeding programs at Club Hope and the public school of Chiquilistagua.  This includes the addition of fruits, vegetables, cheese and fortified milk to government staples like beans and rice.  Feeding programs bolster the students overall nutrient and caloric intake as well as their cognitive learning ability.  It also acts as an incentive for parents to send their children to school and after school programs.


How can I get involved?

We invite individuals, teams, and communities to get involved by raising both funds and awareness for our programs.

There are several different ways to Take Action including; joining Team LtN, buying LtN Swag, or organizing a Team Trip . We encourage our supporters to think out of the box and find new and creative ways to support us. Have a great idea? Email info@lacrossethenations.org and tell us how we can help!


May I attend an international trip with Lacrosse the Nations?

The majority of our trips to Nicaragua and Panama are designed to bring Team LtN members to meet our kids and see our programs.  We believe visiting these countries is made only more meaningful after getting involved at home.  The best way you can join us is to first participate in one of our Get Involved Opportunities. Email info@lacrossethenations.org if you have interest in joining!

We are currently in our trial year for organizing individual trips to our international programs. We hope to offer at least one individual trip option per year moving forward.  Please email info@lacrossethenations.org if you have interest in applying!


Where does the money from donations go?

Donations provide:

  • salaries for local Nicaraguan coaches and Country Director

  • academic scholarships

  • LtN’s feeding program

  • funding for our domestic initiatives and partnerships with Boys and Girls Club in Charlottesville, VA

  • operating costs for our organization

  • equipment and field construction/maintenance


How may I learn more about Lacrosse the Nations?

Contact us at info@lacrossethenations.org