LtN programs in Costa Rica launched in March of 2012 in Playa Potrero; a rural beach town in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.

Prior to LtN’s arrival, students had limited opportunities to engage in positive and organized extracurricular outlets for sport and play. LtN wanted to help fill this gap by providing athletic activities in the form of lacrosse and PE classes.

So far lacrosse has been a huge hit in our tiny corner of Costa Rica and we are constantly looking to expand our programming within the region.

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In addition to after-school lacrosse ltn engages teenagers in potrero in activities related to health, education, and leadership development. through this initiative we target the vulnerable high-school age group through social & educational activities.

Playa Potrero - Guanacaste, Costa Rica

LtN partners with Abriendo Mentes (AM) to offer a variety of regular activities as well as after-school lacrosse practices for the kids and youth of Playa Potrero.

Playa Potrero is a small, coastal village with a population of approximately 500 residents. It is home to Costa Ricans who have lived in this community for generations, as well as a large number of Nicaraguan immigrants and their children, who make up approximately 40% of the community. 

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Brasilito - Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Located right on the beach next to the famous Playa Conchal, Brasilito is a tourist town with about 3,000 residents, many of whom are Nicaraguan immigrants. Brasilito is a community where many families live in extreme poverty, and many community members suffer from drug and alcohol addiction as well as domestic violence, putting many children at risk.

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