Team LtN is a network of lacrosse players, coaches, and teams across the country who come together to raise awareness and funds for our programs in Nicaragua, Panama and the U.S.



Why Join Team LtN?

The lacrosse world is a small one, meaning Team LtN Members make a big ripple. Imagine someone countries away from you, playing your sport, wearing your team’s name, playing for you. Not because they know you necessarily, but because they share the same love for the sport that you do. They play because they want and believe that you deserve the same right to play. That’s the feeling our student athletes have watching Team LtN members in action.

Because of this feeling, Teams who fundraise with LtN forge a pretty special bond. Using something so relevant in our lives as a tool for good provides players, coaches, and fans with a new appreciation and perspective for our sport. Many Team LtN members get so invested in their fundraising efforts that it leads to them organizing a trip to one of our international sites.

How Does Team LtN Work?

The awesome thing about joining Team LtN is that it is customizable to your team. Getting started is easy and LtN staff will help you from start to finish. To join Team LtN, all you do is:

  1. Choose an event. Whether that’s hosting a clinic, dedicating a game or season, the opportunities are endless!

  2. Set up your fundraising page on LtN’s online platform.

  3. Share your page with friends, family and supporters.

  4. Change lives!

If you are interested in joining, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Meet other Team LTN members

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What Does My Dollar Give?

  • $200 Provides one LtN student athlete with all necessary School Supplies for an ENTIRE year.

  • $450 Pays for a lacrosse-related Field Trip for 60 student athletes at the end of the month.

  • $600 Provides One Meal per day for a month to 35 student athletes. That’s 875 meals!

  • $1,000 Supports monthly Salary & University Tuition for THREE LtN coaches.

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