We believe that education is critical for our student-athletes and coaches to succeed. Our goal is to use our lacrosse programs to help increase attendance and improve graduation rates.


coaches' scholarship program

Central to LtN’s mission is the growth and development of our coaches.  As an organization, we believe that access to education is key to escaping the constraints of poverty.  Because our coaches are role models to hundreds of students, LtN practices what we preach by also supporting their educational goals.

Through our Coaches' Scholarship Program, all of our Nicaraguan coaches are pursuing higher education. In addition to their monthly salary, LtN provides a monthly stipend to cover the cost of university or school fees.


Launched in 2014 as a way to motivate graduating student-athletes in LtN’s international programs with:

  • Educational Scholarships- Supporting supplies, uniforms, book bags, textbooks
  • Student Coaching Job Opportunities
  • Mentorship and Academic Support from LtN Staff
  • University Scholarships

Students chosen have exhibited strong participation, a good attitude, strong academic promise and a love of sport.

Requirements for Senior LtN Scholars




hours per week
assisting w/ practice

Meet Our Current LtN Scholars!

Costa Rica


Roger Contreras, LtN Scholar Potrero

Roger has been an integral member of LtN in Potrero since the program launched in January 2012. He graduated from Playa Potrero’s public elementary school in December 2013. He is currently in 9th grade in colegio (high school). His favorite subjects are English and Science.

Roger’s scholarship covers the costs of all his needs for the 2016 school year, including backpack, uniforms, textbooks, and notebooks.



Yuneysi, LtN Scholar Potrero

Yuneysi graduated from Playa Potrero’s public elementary school in December 2014. She is currently in 8th grade in colegio (high school). Her favorite subject is mathematics, and she particularly likes multiplication. Yuneysi is a dedicated LtN program participant and is particularly committed to being a positive role model for younger players.

Yuneysi’s scholarship covers the costs of all her needs for the 2016 school year, including backpack, uniforms, textbooks and notebooks.




Darien Silva, senior LtN Scholar Chiquilistagua

Darien is 16 years old and a second year LtN Scholar. She graduated from the Public School of Chiquilistagua in December 2015.  In her free time Darien likes spending time with her friends, dancing, chatting on her phone and going on social media sites.

Through the LtN Scholars program Darien will be studying Clinical Bioanalysis at the American University in Managua. When she found out about the scholarship she said, “I wasn’t the only one excited, everyone in my family was excited because my parents weren’t sure they could afford to pay for me to go to university.”


Freddy Tellez, senior LtN Scholar Chiquilistagua

Freddy is 16 years old and is currently in his last year at the Public School of Chiquilistagua and has demonstrated to be a leader on and off the field. He enjoys playing soccer, listening to music and hanging out with his brother and friends. He wants to learn English and is currently taking classes with our partner, Manna Project.

When he first saw a lacrosse stick Freddy thought, “What are those sticks for? Fishing? Catching butterflies? But when the coaches explained the game I got really excited. At first though, I almost gave up because it was so hard, but I kept going and soon I got really good. Now, everytime I play I have a great time.”

Freddy’s scholarship covers the costs of all his needs for the 2016 school year, including backpack, uniforms, textbooks and notebooks. He’ll also be learning to coach with Coach Norman and our Program Directors at Club Hope. If he excels in school, he’ll be eligible for a university scholarship in 2017.

Maycol Bojorge, senior LtN Scholar Club Hope

Maycol is 22 years old and has been involved in LtN Programs at Club Hope for many years and since then he has personified all of the values we hope to instill in our kids. He enjoys listening to music, reading and spending time with his family (Maycol is one of 8 children).

Maycol says “being chosen as a LtN Scholar was a huge change for me. After seeing how our coaches included us and spent time with us, it was now my turn to do this with my (former) classmates.

This is Maycol’s second year as a LtN Scholar and thanks to the scholarship he will be able to finally finish his high school career. The scholarship covers the costs of all his needs for the 2016 school year, including backpack, uniforms, textbooks and notebooks.

ltn scholars program expansion

In 2017 we were able to increase the scope of our scholarship program to include more LtN student-athletes thanks to a grant from the Bill Belichick Foundation. 22 LtN student-athletes in Nicaragua received school supplies for the entire year. Eleven players from Chiquilistagua and eleven players from Club Hope received all the required school supplies (notebooks, calculators, and graph paper, writing utensils), two full sets of school uniforms, and two sets of PE clothes. While public school in Nicaragua is free, students are required to wear uniforms, purchase their own supplies and pay for their own transportation. The cost of all of this can be overwhelming for families. The expansion of the LtN Scholars program allows these 22 players to receive an education by eliminating that barrier – allowing our student-athletes to remain in or return to school. Without the Bill Belichick Foundation grant, none of this would be possible.

Eligibility Requirements for New LtN Scholars




attendance at
lacrosse practice

tutoring & study hall

Coming soon.