Lacrosse is the conduit by which we achieve our mission of improving the lives of children across the globe. Our programs use the lacrosse field as a platform to teach students valuable life skills and improve access to education, while ultimately bringing joy to their lives.


Our holistic approach includes:


Our life skills curriculum focuses on the principles that we as athletes learn and acquire through playing sports—often outside the specifics of the game. These include work ethic, motivation, response to failure, teamwork, confidence and self awareness.

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academic support

We believe that education is critical for our student-athletes and coaches to succeed. Our lacrosse programs aim to increase school attendance and improve graduation rates by providing annual university and high-school scholarships to our coaches and student athletes.

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Nutrition support

LtN supplements the feeding programs in the communities where we work. This includes the addition of fruits, vegetables, cheese and fortified milk to government staples like beans and rice.  Feeding programs bolster overall nutrient and caloric intake and acts as an incentive for parents to send their children to school and after school programs.


Our student athletes also have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities outside of regular lacrosse practice. These activities vary by site and include field trips, camps, and cultural celebrations.  These activities not only help build relationships between coaches and players, they also foster attendance and increase enrollment.

Time and trust are essential to building relationships in international and domestic communities alike. From this understanding, Lacrosse the Nations has built programs with an emphasis on sustainability. To achieve sustainability, LtN is committed to:


HAVING cultural relevancy

No two LtN programs look alike because of the unique situations and circumstances of each community. We collaborate with local leaders to identify how LtN can best help, and adapt our programs to address their specific challenges.

hiring dedicated staff

Our staff are leaders within the communities we serve.  From coaches to in-country Directors, LtN programs run year round because of these extraordinary people.  Through this model, our coaches become valuable mentors and role models for our student athletes.

Creating thoughtful partnerships

We partner and rely on the schools and non-profit organizations that already have developed relationships to be our eyes, ears and mentors on the ground.  The leaders of these important institutions help us provide the necessary infrastructure to bring lacrosse to kids in need.

LtN’s GUiding Principles


  • Unity: Autonomous leadership and unified strength.

    • We seek engage members of the global lacrosse community as “ambassadors of hope,” to join us in using the power of the game to serve those in need.

    • In bridging the U.S. lacrosse community with underserved international communities, both are enriched by Lacrosse the Nations’ program and mission.

  • Education and Health: Teaching and learning mental, physical, and emotional well being.

    • Supporting the connection between health and education, we partner with schools to teach basic nutrition, personal health practices, self-esteem, and the value of education.

    • We strive to increase educational enrollment, attendance and graduation rates by providing annual scholarships at the elementary, middle, high school, and university levels.

  • Sustainability: Researching and developing community relationships.

    • We establish sustainable and culturally relevant programs by listening to local communities members and training leaders from within the community to run the program.

    • We empower local community members to take ownership of programs to instill permanent, positive change.

    • We track, assess, and report our program metrics to constantly evaluate and improve the success of our programs.

  • Hope and Opportunity: Where there is hope, there is a will to create a better future.

    • Learning an unfamiliar sport exposes our student athletes to ideas, behaviors, and people they have never been introduced to before, and may never be exposed to otherwise. These opportunities, uniquely provided through lacrosse, open our students’ minds and expand their understandings of all that can be accomplished through sport and education.

    • Our programs create cycles of generational leaders who take on valuable roles as both mentors and resources for emerging youth in their communities.

    • We provide the opportunity for kids to be kids, helping them to thrive in all aspects of their personal development, not just survive.

future growth and development

LtN constantly strives to deepen our impact of our international programming through various initiatives developed to increase school attendance and graduation rates. We continue to reevaluate and improve our Life Skills Curriculum, professional development strategies, scholarship opportunities, and nutritional support programs. We are always searching to expand and replicate our program model in more international communities at an appropriate rate, as the opportunities and connections arise.

Domestically, LtN aims to benefit youth through the training and development of a stateside volunteer force, to be named our LtN Ambassadors Program. In communities where there is a need but no existing infrastructure, we will work with local leaders as ambassadors of our mission to develop localized programming from the ground up. Where local organizations embodying LtN’s mission exist with a need or desire to expand programming , we will form thoughtful partnerships enabling both groups to work together.