Our Team Trips program provides an opportunity for lacrosse teams or school groups to visit us on the ground and get involved directly in our programs. 

A visit to one of our international programs is the best way to see the power our sport has to do some serious good. It’s also an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and see the world through a new lens.

Team TrIP Application

A form must be completed for each team that your group wishes to send. If you wish to send one group, please fill out one form indicating your site preference and site flexibility. If you hope to send groups to both of our international sites, please complete this form for each group, indicating site preference accordingly.

Note: Partially completed applications cannot be saved. Please plan to complete the application in its entirety, or save your answers in a separate document.

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Please note: The minimum group size for a short-term trip is 6 participants and the maximum is 12 participants.
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