LtN to Scale Back Programming in Costa Rica

Dear LtN Community,

As 2017 came to a close, LtN staff and the Board of Directors took some time to evaluate LtN’s presence and impact at each of our sites. After some long and hard discussions, we have decided to reduce programming at our site in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica. This was an extremely tough decision to come to; however, considering a number of factors limiting LtN’s growth in Potrero at this time, along with our current resources, it was one that had to be made.

LtN has provided children in Playa Potrero with opportunities to engage in positive and organized extracurricular outlets since 2012. Members of the Potrero community, partners in Costa Rica programming, and supporters of our efforts in Costa Rica will forever remain a part of the LtN family. While our on-site programming will be limited, LtN is committed to our students-athletes in Potrero. We will continue providing scholarships in Potrero through our LtN scholars program, and hope that in the future we can return with more resources and ways to support the LtN Costa Rica community. Please feel free to email for any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continuous support,

Javier Silva