New PD, Lou, Reflects on his First Month in Nicaragua

Short-term Program Director (PD), Lou Lillelund, began his journey in Nicaragua on March 1st. Lou is from Copenhagen, Denmark and a member of the Danish National Team. Lou's decision to take a gap year after finishing his secondary education with the International-Baccalaureate Diploma Program is what brought him to Lacrosse the Nations in Nicaragua! Lou has done an incredible job jumping head in to LtN’s programs, helping at both practices and at LtN tutoring sessions. From day one, Lou fit right into the family. This week, we asked Lou to reflect on his first month down in programs. Here’s what he had to say:

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“After slightly over a month of volunteering for LtN in Nicaragua. Saying that my time here has been an experience I will never forget would be an understatement. As there are five different lacrosse programs in total: two co-ed practices (advanced and beginner) at each of our two schools, plus a girls’ practice at Chiquilistagua (aka Chiqui), I get to play and help out with actual lacrosse around 20-25 hours a week. In addition to lacrosse practices, every Monday I have the privilege of tutoring some of the players at Chiqui before afternoon practice. Each program has its own unique charm as the kids and coaches that I work with at each program vary.

“The advanced practices are lots of fun – helping Coach Maycol at Club Hope and Coach Juan at Chiqui and playing fast-paced lacrosse with the kids. The beginner practices are equally as enjoyable, whether I am helping at the Club with Norman coach the kids (who seem to literally never run out of energy) or I am with my other PDs Susan, Andrew, and Matt helping Coach David teach our kids at Chiqui.

“I even get to help out Coach Darien along with PDs Susan and Jackie in LtN’s girls’ program. Seeing the smiles on Naomi’s, Allison’s, and the rest of the girls faces when they catch a ball or score a goal is an incredibly rewarding experience. Overall, I’m grateful to say that I’ve already made priceless relationships with both the coaches and players, of which I am truly excited to see develop throughout these subsequent months.”


Coaches Freddy and David with PD, Lou, and Chiqui beginner players at morning lacrosse practice in Nicaragua.

Coaches Freddy and David with PD, Lou, and Chiqui beginner players at morning lacrosse practice in Nicaragua.